For all people from Ethnic Minority Backgrounds to be free for discrimination and racial injustice and to have equal and fair access to universal services, to feel safe in their communities and be able to fulfil their aspirations.


* To promote multiculturalism through understanding, inclusion and celebration of the diverse communities residing in Wirral.

* To embrace and support the different cultures, beliefs and religions and to encourage communities to coexist harmoniously for the good of the wider community and to actively challenge and address racism and oppression that exists.

* To offer a range of professional and culturally sensitive services to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the local Ethnic Minority Backgrounds

* To actively support more vulnerable members of the local Ethnic Minority Backgrounds by providing language support, advocacy, social support and activities, assistance to access health and social care services, including advice and education services.


* All people will be treated with equal respect, we celebrate diversity, difference and whilst encouraging inclusion and integration within the communities.

* We encourage staff and volunteer recruitment from within the communities we support and foster an environment where staff and volunteers feel valued and develop their skills.

* We will embed equality and diversity as an integral part of the ethos and culture of our organisation.


* Placing individuals and communities at the centre of partnership, working with others to share knowledge and resources for the good of the wider community.

* Recognizing the value of collaboration with contribution of others to address some of the complex and long-standing problems experienced by the Ethnic Minority Backgrounds.

* Communicating supporting and enabling others to meet common goals.


* Demonstrating a real commitment to aspiring and providing the best possible service working to agree standards at all times.

* Being positively open to change and seeking improvements to self and services for others

* Embracing innovation whilst building on past evidence and maintaining safety at all times


* Act with kindness, compassion and empathy with all that we work with

* Offer a professional welcoming, approachable service to all those we are in contact with

* Be caring and considerate towards the needs of others ensuring confidentiality at all times.