“a significant influence on community life and a centre of excellence”. . - Lord Chan


Brief history of the (WMO)

The concept of a multicultural centre for Wirral began in 1986 when Asians, Chinese and Vietnamese jointly applied for central government funds with the help of Wirral Borough Council. This led to the formation of the Wirral Chinese Association and the Vietnamese Association whereas the Wirral Asian Association had developed independently. The then Education Department of Wirral Council applied to central government and was successful.

Wirral Multicultural Organisation (WMO) was established as a company limited by guarantee and as a registered charity in April 1993 to oversee the development of the Multicultural Centre. The three associations nominate three representatives each to serve as directors to form board of the Wirral Multicultural Organisation. Since 1992, thirteen directors, three each from ethnic associations and four Wirral Councillors have been managing the organisation.

More recently Wirral Multicultural Organisation has widened its board membership and incorporated African, Afro-Caribbean and European (currently vacant). Opening up for other community representatives will reflect the increasingly diverse population of Wirral.

In 2002-2003 WMO become involved with Child Care and Training facilities and Wirral Water Front helped working in partnership to get European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund.


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Wirral Multicultural Organisation
111 Conway Street,
Birkenhead, Wirral,
CH41 4AF

Tel: 0151 666 4547
Fax: 0151 666 4555

Email: info@wmo.org.uk

About Us:

Wirral Multicultural Organisation was established back in 1992 to meet the needs of BME groups in Wirral.

Promote for the benefit of the BME of Wirral without any distinction a common interest to advance education, provide facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and leisure with the object of improving conditions of life for the inhabitants by reason of social ethnic and economic circumstances. Promote social inclusion and establish a centre for purpose and access of services